Learn About Best Schools In Texas

If you live in the United States of America and wish to become a pharmacist, then it is necessary for you to acquire your PharmD degree. However, it is vital that you acquire this degree from highly accredited pharmacy tech schools in Texas that are listed by the ACPE or the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. On average, a pharmacy program can last up to a four year time period. However, you may even consider taking on accelerated programs that are being offered by certain universities that make it possible for you to acquire the degree in a mere three years’ time.

Choosing one from amongst the countless pharmacy schools in Texas is an extremely difficult task. There are so many outstanding pharmacy schools and colleges in Texas that you just might find yourself getting overwhelmed at the prospects. To make things easier for you, here are the best five Texas pharmacy schools for you to choose from:

Texas Tech University – School of Pharmacy
Texas Tech is counted amongst the finest and most highly ranked schools in the state of Texas. You can judge how highly regarded this school is by the simple fact that students from all over the world tend to get enrolled here. However, although their pharmacy school is worthy of being mentioned in just about any top pharmacy school list, it is its location that seems to put students off completely. The reason is that it is situated in an extremely remote area, making students have second thoughts about enrolling there. But, even if they do get temporarily put off by it, students still end up flocking at this amazing school from not just across the country, but from across the world too.

University of Texas at Austin – College of Pharmacy
Amongst the many different pharmacy technician schools in Texas, the University of Texas at Austin holds immense importance. This particular school is counted amongst the most famous universities in the state of Texas. The major reasons why it is so popular are its exclusive degree programs, and its extra-curriculum activities and sports. To be honest, it is common to see students from across the country make attempts to get enrolled at this university. It isn’t just the high regard that the university holds in the pharmacy industry that brings these students here, but its highly appealing location in the capital city as well. The best part about this pharmacy school in Texas is that it gives its students the ability to transfer halfway through the degree program, while they get to earn a master’s or doctor of pharmacy degree.

University of Houston – College of Pharmacy

The University of Houston is a state school that enjoys the benefit of being situated in the third largest city of the United States of America. This amazing school has the potential to offer a plethora of cultural and educational options to all of its students all through the academic year. The best part about this school of pharmacy is its location. Being situated in Houston, it allows students to reap the benefits of being in such close proximity to a variety of hospitals and clinics. To be honest, the pharmacy program offered by this university is not as popular as the other programs that it offers, but there still remains the fact that it has produced some of the finest, most well-established pharmacists in the country. The program has particularly been designed in such a manner that it helps students get prepared to have an outstanding future in the world of pharmacy.

Texas Southern University – College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Based in Houston, this university was established with the sole purpose of endorsing urban education. It was back in the 1980s that the school set up its department of health sciences and has since then been flourishing. Its location basically gives the students of pharmacy a chance to explore what the hospital system in large cities is like and just what benefits they can acquire out of their careers. It is one of the most well-known pharmacy colleges in Texas, with students from across the world having enrolled in it to give their pharmacy careers a boost.

Texas A&M University – Kingsville Irma Rangel School of Pharmacy
If you reside in Southern Texas and are interested in the field of pharmacy, then the pharmacy school of the Texas A&M university in Kingsville is just the right choice for you. Although it isn’t that big a school, it attracts countless students from all over southern Texas because of its extensive degree programs. The pharmacy department of this school is relatively new, but has managed to build a solid reputation in a very short period of time as one of the best online pharmacy schools in Texas.